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Luxious Lemon bath bombs are truly amazing! They are just the perfect size, they completely dissolve and don't leave the tub gritty. The aroma of the bath bombs are just as satisfying as the effects they have on your skin. Zing gives me a boost while Take Ten helps me relax after a long day. Luxious Lemon offers such a wide variety of different kinds of bath bombs. I am obsessed and can not wait to try them all!

Chris R.

Luxious Lemon has completely changed my perspective on how amazing bath bombs can be. I used to be a loyal LUSHy but now I wouldn't touch them with a 10ft pole because these are so much better! No artificial colors to stain the tub, only natural and organic materials, every one does exactly what is promised. My personal favorite is Spring Fling; no matter how bad my allergies are, a nice hot bath with Spring Fling helps clear them right up. I also use Muscle Soak frequently, and it leaves me feeling relaxed with all my soreness melted away. This is by far the greatest product I have ever used in my bath.

Jennifer C.

These bath bombs are literally the bomb!! Fantastic fragrance and my skin feels AMAZING afterward but the tub is not slippery which is a bonus!! I am addicted to Take Ten and Muscle soak ones!!!

Liz P.