Shave & Shampoo Bars

Our Shave & Shampoo Bars are cured for 16 weeks before being sold. They contain zero surfactants, and are made "the old fashioned" way in small batches. Great for all skin and hair types, they are smooth and gentle.  

These bars are known as our ‘'Do It All Bars” - they are perfect for shaving ALL areas of the body, they make great body, hands & face soap bars and they are wonderful shampoo bars.

If stored in a place that is kept dry when not used, they tend to last longer than regular bottled shampoo.  Storing in the shower on a dry surface works perfect. They also come in an organza bag which allows for hanging the bar inside to fully dry between each use.  When the bar gets down to the tiny pieces (that people usually throw out), they can be put in the bag and used gently as a shower scrubby.

Just how do you use these as a shampoo bar? Just like normal shampoo - wet your hair, lather the bar into your hands and massage your hands through your hair and scalp, rinse, repeat if desired and condition if needed. We do not recommend rubbing these bars directly on hair, but rather in the hands as noted.

Just how do you use these to shave?  Just like normal soap/shaving bars - wet your skin, lather the bar into your hands (or rub bar directly on skin) and massage your skin, rub razor over wet soapy skin, rinse and repeat if desired.  

Like all of our products, our shave & shampoo bars are free from all harsh chemicals.  We use absolutely no SLS, SLSA, phthalates, parabens or synthetic dyes. Premium and Non-GMO ingredients only. Toxin-Free, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free.  All ingredients are responsibly resourced.  Every unique blend is scented with therapeutic grade essentials oils.

Note: (1) Our bars are double the size of large retail competitors in the shampoo bar industry.  (2) Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations from photos.

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