Our Ingredients



Why did we create Luxious Lemon?

Purity is the first of our three core values and the foundation. We began by creating products for our family and friends, where quality was our #1 concern. Most of our products don’t contain a lot of ingredients. We value simplicity and we look for ingredients that are premium, Non-GMO and 100% food grade, whenever possible.

Why is this important?

Bath and beauty products are more popular now than ever, yet many contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that studies show have been linked to skin irritation, hormone disruption and other health concerns.

Source: Dr. Axe

Many of our ingredients are 100% food grade, which means the ingredients are fit for human consumption. For example, we use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) that is 100% food grade and aluminum-free. Our citric acid is 100% food grade, organic and non-GMO. Our epsom salt is USP grade, which ensures that it has been manufactured, tested and certified to meet the regulatory standards of the U.S. federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

More people are choosing natural and organic ingredients in the foods they eat, becoming conscious as to what goes in their bodies, but what about the ingredients that go on our bodies? After all, our skin is our largest organ. Shouldn’t we use the best ingredients possible in our skin care and bath and beauty products as well?

What about food coloring?

Many consumers like bright and colorful products, i.e. bath bombs that make the bath water colorful.  As a result, many bath products have coloring ingredients, which aren't always good for us.  For example, the popular yellow dye #5 and #6 (aka tartrazine and sunset yellow) are derived from coal tar and petroleum and is linked to negative side effects. Also, not all natural coloring is what you might think. One popular source of red coloring (labeled as “natural red 4” or “colored with carmine”) actually refers to dye extracted from the cochineal bug – 1 lb of this red dye requires 70,000 bugs to produce. Soothing right?

Our products contain very little color to begin with. When we do use coloring, we avoid all unsafe artificial coloring.  We primarily use natural colorants extracted from plant and vegetable sources (vegetable colorant).  In cases where we use mica, it is always noted and is always carefully sourced, mineral based, cosmetic grade and entirely lip/skin safe.

How about fragrances?

Our bath products smell amazing - we rely primarily on therapeutic grade essential oils for amazing smells derived from nature.  In cases where we do use fragrance, it is always clearly noted and it is always in the ‘Natural Fragrance Oils and/or Isolates’ category.  We believe in the importance of amazing aroma that is always safe and nature derived.