My Story

Hello and thank you for visiting Luxious Lemon, LLC. My name is Kimmie.  I started my adventure in making premium clean bath and body products in early 2015.  After two years of perfecting this passion, I opened my business in early 2017.  


Before this amazing gig, I worked for over 22 years as a Business Analyst - the last 13 years for a Fortune 500 in the medical industry. While I loved my career, I left after my parents both passed away suddenly and when, at the same time, I was diagnosed with a severe heart condition.


At this turning point in my life, it hit me that life was too short and I needed to follow my true passion of being a business owner and sharing my passion for essential oils and making luxurious and ‘clean’ bathtique goodies with the world.


I initially started making my own bath and body products after of a very severe allergic reaction my daughter had to a ‘natural’ bath bomb we purchased from a very large well known company.  Because the company marketed their products as ‘safe and natural,’ I naively assumed that was true. 


Unfortunately, it only took one soak before my daughter had a hot red rash over her entire body and her eyes swelled shut.  While it took her several weeks to fully recover, it was during this time that I began my research journey.  


Going down the research rabbit hole, I quickly learned that this company’s marketing campaign (along with so many others) is a huge lie.


The truth is, their ‘natural’ products are actually filled with such things as synthetic dyes made from petroleum, parabens, unidentified fragrance (not just the essential oil listed on the signs), Sodium Laureth Sulfate / SLES (which is linked to cancer), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate / SLS (which irritates the skin and scalp by stripping away the natural oils that protect it), Triethanolamine / TEA (when combined with SLS, it creates the nitrosamine NDELA - a carcinogen), PEG Compounds (when you see “PEG-100” or other “PEG” compounds on the label, these can be contaminated with Ethylene Oxide and 1,3 Dioxane, which are both linked to cancer),….


Learning this sent me into shock. I could not believe products that are labeled as safe, are often times truly dangerous!  It then hit me - what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Our skin is actually our largest organ and it absorbs everything it is fed.


What the What?!?!  I suddenly had to ask myself, “How did I not know this before and what was I going to do about it?!?!?


Well, that’s when the idea was born.  I was going to make these bath and body goodies myself.  If I couldn’t trust that what was being sold as ‘natural’ was true, I was going to make truly premium and clean products that my child and I could safely enjoy.  My products were going to make us feel like pampered goddesses!


From day one, my mission was to only use the highest quality, cleanest, Non-GMO, and 100% skin safe ingredients. It has taken thousands of hours of research and my learning will always continue to be a main priority.


I will always take the time to research, develop and test every product to its perfection point.  If it says Luxious Lemon on the label, you can rest assured it is both safe and luxurious.    


Thank you for listening :-)